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Welcome to - the top UK listings website for conferences, concerts, musicals, comedy acts and other Christian events in the UK.

A new version of this website is due later in 2016. In the mean time, we continue to accept new events and you can view all our listed events through the form to the left.

All existing listings will be transferred to the updated site.


Posting Events
If you are an artist, or are authorized to promote an event, you can upload your own events - in real time - and for FREE! Your events need not be 'Christian' but should be appropriate for Christians. Over 500 people have registered to post their events. Click here to register and post.
How to Have a Meaningful Quiet Time - Christianity is not a legal relationship it is a love relationship. It is Jesus himself who makes you like Him. But you need to spend time with Him. Adrian Rogers shares five factors for spending some quiet time with him each day. Crosswalk
Men, Make God's Dreams for Your Life Come True - It's natural to want to be and do something great, since God has wired you to pursue a significant life. Those dreams stirring in your soul can come true if you embrace God's plan with passion. Whitney Hopier, Crosswalk.

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Christian concerts and Christian events
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